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Celebs you didn’t know are related – Including Mariah Carey and Ashley Cole

From Mariah Carey’s link to Cheryl’s ex husband Ashley Cole to Jamie Dornan’s incredible connection with ITV soap Emmerdale – we take a look at some unlikely relatives

The celeb world isn't as big as we may think
The celeb world isn’t as big as we think

The celeb world has lots of famous family connections – but there are several that have remained under the radar.

We know about cousins Jenny and Melissa McCarthy and mum and daughter Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson, but what about the more obscure links?

With our minds blown that pop diva Mariah Carey is related to former Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, we take a look at some of the more exciting degrees of separation.

Mariah Carey and Ashley Cole

Never in a month of Sundays would we have put pop legend Mariah Carey together with former Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole – but the pair are actually related.

During an appearance on A League of their Own, host James Cordon, 43, questioned Ashley, 41, about his links to the diva.

Ashley played down the links connecting him to Mariah

In the clip, the sportsman plays the suggestion down, saying that he doesn’t know anything about such a connection – but James had the bit between his teeth and decided to Google it.

Reeling off some quotes, which Ashley apparently said after discovering the link, James is quickly told by the sport star: “I’m not saying it’s not true, I’m just saying I know nothing about it.”

Back in 2007, Mariah, 51, appeared to confirm the story – and announced that she was also looking into a link to 1950s jazz legend Nat King Cole.

Mariah found. the news ‘fascinating’

“It’s fascinating,” she said. “My grandmother was a Cole before she married and it turns out she comes from the same area of Alabama as Ashley’s ancestors.

Hugh Grant and Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Hugh had no idea he was related to Thomas

Love Actually stars Hugh and Thomas had no idea they were related until they met on the set of the romcom in 2002.

Hugh, 61, who played the Prime Minister in the film is actually Thomas’ cousin.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral’s star’s grandmother is the sister of Game of Thrones actor’s grandmother.

Thomas, 31, who played schoolboy Sam in the Love Actually also went onto to star in the Queen’s Gambit.

Thomas Brodie Sangster met cousin Hugh on Love Actually

He said of his relation: “He didn’t know. I said ‘Apparently you’re my uncle or cousin or something.’

“Then he remembered my mum and uncle. So for the rest of the shoot he went around saying ‘Hello cousin’. That felt quite cool.'”

Jamie Dornan and Emmerdale’s Vic Windsor

Jamie boasts a couple of famous connections

Jamie Dornan, 39, may be known for getting his kit off in Fifty Shades of Gray, but he might want to put some clothes on if he’s heading to the Dales.

The Tourist star’s father-in-law, Alun Lewis, played Emmerdale’s post office owner Vic Windsor, the dodgy husband of Viv, for five years.

Vic was killed off in a robbery in 1998, but Jamie’s famous connections don’t stop there.

His mother-in-law Annette Ekblom has starred in Morse, Brookside and a theatre production of Blood Brothers.

Jamie Dornan has been married to wife Amelia Warner since 2013 and the couple share three daughters, Dulcie, Alberta and Elva.

Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci

Both of these actors were in The Devil Wears Prada, but that’s not the only thing they have in common.

Emily and her husband John Krasinski

Stanley is married to Emily’s sister, Felicity Blunt.

The couple have a son Matteo Oliver born on 25 January 2015 and a daughter Emilia Giovanna, born on 19 April 2018.

Felicity is also stepmum to Stanley’s three children, whose mother sadly died in 2009 after losing her battle with breast cancer.

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