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Ariana Grande cryptically teases ‘mini’ tour in between Wicked films

In between the two-part Wicked movies in 2025 or 2026, Ariana Grande could embark on a “mini” tour. During an appearance on the Shut Up Evan podcast, Grande discussed her plans. Among those was a concert tour. It has almost been five years since her last, so perhaps she is itching to perform. “I think […]


American rapper Azealia Banks faces flak for cryptically taking a dig at BTS’ Jungkook, calling out ‘trash Michael Jackson choreo’

In the latest social media storm surrounding American musician Azealia Banks, netizens are speculating that she may have directed a controversial tirade at BTS’s Jungkook and the broader K-Popcommunity. Known for her musical talent, Banks has often been in the spotlight for her provocative statements and behaviours that have sometimes overshadowed her artistic achievements.The recent […]


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