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Jennifer Lopez Wears Chic White Suit to Grameen America Event

On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez arrived at Universal Studios for her guest appearance at the Grameen America’s Raising Latina Voices event wearing a chic white suit. J.Lo is the nonprofit organization’s national ambassador, a partnership that began in June of this year.

The suit was comprised of wide-legged white dress pants and a blouse with a sharply pointed collar. Over that, Lopez wore a matching cropped blazer. The waist was cinched with a white Fendi belt, and the tips of white platform shoes were just visible under her trouser cuffs. Lopez had her hair slicked back into a loose bun, and wore small earrings and a pendant for accessories. She posed for pictures with the president and CEO of Grameen America, Andrea Jung, and television producer Desiree Gruber

jennifer lopez joins grameen america

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The actress and singer recently spoke with Good Morning America about her decision to partner with Grameen America, saying, “When you get a little bit older, you understand the meaning behind things and you’ve seen enough and you’ve had your own struggle, and seen enough of injustices.”

She continued, “I just feel like this country needs more love and positivity, and people who want to do good things, and are not fighting against each other and who are just giving each other a hand up. That’s important to me.”

The New York City-based organization provides financial assistance and guidance to low-income women seeking to start small businesses. Lopez told Forbes, “It feels like the only thing holding the Latino community back is financial literacy and access to capital.”

She said in a statement on the Grameen America website, “Being Latino in this country has always been a matter of pride for me. I am humbled and beyond grateful to partner with Grameen America. We’re building pathways to employment and leadership opportunities…There’s so much strength in this community and we’re harnessing that. This partnership will create equality, inclusivity and opportunity for Latina women in business.”

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